How To Make Money On eBay 2023


Many people know eBay for its ability to enable you to make money from home. It provides you with a perfect sense of security. Whenever you find yourself struggling with bills, it is straightforward to take your computer and log in and make a bit of extra cash. It is not as easy as it sounds to make cash considering all the time you need to put into it, but you can make cash out of the clutter and also achieve so much more through eBay.

eBay cannot make you wealthy, but it’s a sufficient income supplement and what makes it worthwhile heavily depends on what you are selling. Some people make this a full-time job. You can sell anything and everything through auctioning them online, but there are items considered hotcakes because they are the fastest-selling. They include; computer games and gadgets, which sell for what they are worth on eBay making it an advantageous sales ground for them.

Used laptops like other computer gadgets also sell for a fair amount. Other items include perfumes and cosmetics, baby stuff, designer clothes, cell phones, shoes, collectibles, fitness equipment, toys, and games. eBay provides a very fair selling ground for these items at excellent prices.

Below are a few strategies you can use when selling stuff on eBay, though it is not as easy as it sounds. You have to list, pick, and photograph your items in ways that make them eye-candy and above all your customer service skills and posting are what will make your eBay account more attractive.

You won’t always have stuff listed on your profile at times and just like any other business; you will have your peak and off-peak periods. At the end of the day, whether small or big, its extra cash in your pockets. Here are a few strategies you can use;

Maintain an eBay Pile

You should always maintain an eBay pile. If you can, build shelves so that you can have everything on your collection organized. Put everything that you no longer have use for in this pile, from video games to books you have already finished reading half perfume bottles and CDs. Everything sells on eBay.

The price some of the things will fetch may not be worth all the hustle, but they are all pretty good for your pile. Always maintain this pile whether you need the money or not. This will always come in handy whenever tough times come.

Keep Your Gadget Boxes

You should keep boxes of all the valuables you purchase over the past at least five to ten years. This will help you when the items are no longer in you, and you want to eBay them. Keep the boxes intact not unless you want to keep that item for a very long time. This is because when boxed, things in eBay fetch a higher price. This simple step could go a far way in making you more money.

eBay For Other People

If your lifestyle is that of a minimalist, and you don’t have that much stuff to sell, you can opt to eBay for other people. You will be surprised how many people don’t have time or even the necessary computer skills to eBay the clutter the hold so that you can offer this your services here.

You can either decide to do it for friends and family or go further and sell it as a service to other people. Seat them down and have a rate agreement on ever sale. Since they are cluttered and the people don’t have much use for them anymore, most of them agree on a 50% rate.

Find a Specialty

You will be able to reliably make more money on eBay if you specialize in something, especially items you are specifically passionate about and have a bit of experience handling.

Also, master your market in that specific scope. It will enable you to spot opportunities very fast and will allow you to exploit them even quicker. If you are a game lover, handling games and gaming items will come naturally for you.

You will know how to clean and what angles to photograph as you see what your market will look at. The specialization will work wonders for you.

Hit the Yard Sales

Buying stuff from yard sales and coming back to sell them on eBay can be a real money maker for you. People have been doing this for a very long time, and it’s not likely that you will find a precious item on a yard sale not unless very lucky.

 People often sell things they don’t have value for so be smart and stick to looking for items you know of. This can be a real gold mine for you.

Learn eBay Advances Search

This is an essential tool if you want to make good money on eBay. It gives you a platform to be able to see basically the price items sell at, how easily available they are and most importantly, how much you can earn.

This feature also alerts you when what you want to sell on eBay is not worth the sale. You can find out that something like a game or CD is so popular but goes for so little and the alert you receive makes you think otherwise on selling it. 

Improve Your IT Skills

There is very little or nothing you can do on eBay without IT skills. If you advance your skills, that only means you can work faster, enabling you to earn more. You can process your photographs more quickly and also respond to any questions and queries that come your way more quickly allowing your eBay business actually work faster than it would have if you hadn’t improved on your skills.

Keep Packaging for Everything

This will save you a lot of money as you would have otherwise had to purchase boxes and wrappers. Keeping the boxes from all your purchases will go a very long way. You will be making money on eBay and cutting a bit on expenses from packing items for resale.


Making money on eBay has never been as easy as the above tips and methods. Just be sure to follow the right procedures when starting. Failure to abide by the regulations can land you in trouble and jeopardize your chances of making handsome returns. Besides, make sure that you are diverse in your choices. Don’t stick to one method alone and expect the best gains.

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