7 Creative Ways to Make Money on Instagram 2023


Nowadays, technology offers plenty of opportunities to all of us. We can use it to create a more comfortable life, or we can use it to generate an income. And social media platforms are by far the most popular ones when it comes to the chances they offer to their users. They are fun and entertaining, but they are also a source of income.

However, to get this financial aspect out of a social network, you will have to know the best ways to do it. Instagram is a very much used network that people of all ages and from all corners of the world enjoy daily. Here is how you can make an income by only using your Instagram account!

1. Sell Products to Your Audience

Instagram is a market in constant development. You can sell almost everything you can think off, and your target audience will be there to purchase it. You can see your products or choose to advertise products sold by other brands. All you have to do is add the manufacturer’s link in the bio or the description of your post. 

Every time you sell a product, you get a commission from the manufacturer. It is easy and entertaining! A good helping tip for this type of marketing is using the right hashtags. Hashtags will attract the kind of audience interested in what you have to offer, and this can make a big difference for your business. 

2. Be an Advertiser for Different Brands

If you are not selling products for other brands, you can advertise them. Create brand awareness for any company through your Instagram. Different brands on the market highly pay these services. So, it is well worth it to chase such collaboration. You can advertise different restaurants, hotels, or other brands that are willing to pay you for it. And you will be doing that through your Instagram posts. 

Some companies will also send you samples of their products so you can be more aware of their quality. This will help you advertise them better but also enjoy some exciting gifts without spending money on them. This is an opportunity that you should chase as you browse through this platform. 

3. Offer Certain Services

Are you a teacher or a fitness instructor? Maybe you are a guide or a talented writer. Whatever is the case; you can advertise your services and get more clients by using Instagram. The platform encourages users to do that and get more accessible through this practice.  

To be successful with this method, you should post relevant things that will prove your skills in your industry. People will want to look at your abilities and previous work before they consider hiring you. With hard work and diligence, you can create a whole new set on valuable clients just from Instagram. 

4. Put Your Photos in the Market

If you like to take photos, Instagram is a great platform to sell them. You can sell posters that you already made or create ones in order. Your clients and followers will grow in number, and so will your bank account. Not only that you will make an income from the photos you sell, but you will also become more popular. And popularity attracts its share of financial bliss as well. 

When you sell your photos, it is crucial to make sure that they are original. Stay away from modifying other people’s photos hoping that no one will notice. Instagram is such a comprehensive platform that chances are this strategy will not take you very far. But nothing stops you from creating astonishing pictures yourself and offering them to your audience. 

5. Offer Tutorials

If you like to teach people how to do certain things or achieve specific goals, Instagram is an excellent place for that as well. You can even help new users reach a higher level on the Instagram platform by teaching them the steps they need to take. If you want to educate people about ways to achieve Instagram success, you can do that as long as you are successful yourself. 

So, if you just joined the platform, you might need a little while before you can get into this kind of business. Spend the time to learn as much as you can through your experience and put together tutorials to teach others as well. 

6. Sponsored posts

Like any other market, Instagram offers the possibility to post sponsored pictures. You can advertise other brands by promoting them through your sponsored posts, or you can promote your posts through sponsorship. If you create a promotional post of your product or services, you can reach a lot more clients by advertising it by sponsorship. 

This will take your post to a broader audience and a more significant number of potential clients. On the other hand, you can get paid to promote other account’s posts in the same manner. You might need to hassle a little to get the right collaborations in this aspect, but it is all worth it. 

7. Advertise New Instagram Accounts

Many people just created an Instagram account, and they need help reaching as many people as they want. You can help them for a fee that you both agree on. If your account is popular, they will want you to share their account with your audience and recommend it. 

If you choose this path, make sure that you promote high-quality accounts. There is no need to sacrifice your image for accounts that you wouldn’t like to follow yourself. By developing high-quality content, you will build the right level of trust between you and your followers. This will bring you more opportunities in the future and a lot more success and credibility on the platform. 

What’s the Next

As you can see, Instagram offers a wide range of possibilities to help you improve your financial situation. If you spend a lot of time on this social network, why you are not making some money out of it? This article should give you some valuable ideas to get you started. See what works for you and enjoy Instagram in a lot more productive way!

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